Volunteer Learn how to become a volunteer!

As a volunteer organization we are always looking for people to help. Even if we do not have open spots on our board or coaching there are still many events and things that need done. Please feel free to contact us to find out how you can help.

Past Volunteers of the Year

2018 Volunteer of the Year-Luke Leskovic
Special Recognition- Holiday Park Volunteer Fire Department
- Plum Borough Police Department
- Oakmont ELKS Lodge #1668
2017 Volunteer of the Year-Shelly Floyd
Special Recognition- Rick Zappone
- Norwin Soccer Club
- Jim Yamnitsky
- E.H. Griffith
2016 Volunteer of the Year-Bob Kovach
Special Recognition- Rick Liberto
- Emily Patton
- Dennis Ross
- Javier Gomez Calderon
2015 Volunteer of the Year-Scott Cooper
Special Recognition- Joe Fischetti
- Sandeep Prasad
- Gerald Miller
2014 Volunteer of the Year-Jamie Stewart
Special Recognition- Jennifer L. Thompson
- Caitlyn Schuckert
- Plum Rotary
- Fox Chapel Soccer Club
- Penn Trafford Soccer Club
2013 Volunteer of the Year- Christine Stewart
Special Recognition- Les D'Antonio
- Monroeville Soccer Club
- Seneca Valley Soccer Association
2012 Volunteer of the Year- Tim McIntosh
Special Recognition- Jace Palmer
- Traci Bologna
- Tom O'Donnell
- Bob Huemme
- Greg Magnus
- Dale Bowland
2011 Volunteer of the Year- Paul Oravitz
Special Recognition- Tracy Reedy
- Sean Reedy
- Mike Thomas
- Scott Hearn
- Chris Lisovich
- Andy Zarroli
2010 Volunteer of the Year- Kevin Schlegel
Special Recognition- Dennis Casarcia
- Joseph Markosek
- Paul Oravitz
- Jim Weslager
- Jan Weslager
2009 Volunteer of the Year- Kevin Sebunia
Special Recognition- Harry Schlegel
- Skip Taylor
- Jay Kapusta
- Bob Adamczyk
2008 Volunteer of the Year- Tim Harden
Special Recognition- Cindy Palmer
2007 Volunteer of the Year- Don McClintock
Special Recognition- Chris Letzelter
- Mike Goodwin
2006 Volunteer of the Year- Amy Cook
2005 Volunteer of the Year- Barry Plance
2004 Volunteer of the Year- Patty Carroll
- Cindy Palmer
2003 Volunteer of the Year- Jeff Carroll
Special Recognition- Sally McAfee
2002 Volunteer of the Year- Joe Paradise
Special Recognition- Lou DeFabio
2001 Volunteer of the Year- Bill Allan
2000 Volunteer of the Year- Sherrie Kenny
- Carla Kestner
1999 Volunteer of the Year- Clem Barbarino
1998 Volunteer of the Year- Lynn Feracano